General Information

The GASAV-R is a non-electric shut off valve with a built in timer designed for use with both natural gas as well as propane.

With your purchase of the GASAV-R valve, you no longer need to worry if you forget to shut off your grill or other gas fueled appliance. However, please still use the manual shut-off on your grill or other appliance. The GASAV-R is NOT intended to be used in place of an on / off switch!

When installing your GASAV-R valve, please be sure that the gas supply is turned off. Install the GASAV-R in a convenient place between your gas source and your grill (or other), as close to the regulator as possible. The valve should be installed with the knob facing upward. You want to have easy access to the knob , as a clockwise turn to your desired time is how you will activate the GASAV-R each time you use your appliance.


The GASAV-R can be set to any desired time up to one hour with a simple clockwise turn of the knob. Turning the knob opens up the valve and allows gas to flow through to your appliance. When your time has expired and the knob returns to zero, the valve will return to a closed position, no longer allowing gas to flow to your appliance.


Do not use excessive force on the knob. Also – only turn the knob in a clockwise direction! Turning the knob counter-clockwise can damage both the plastic knob and the GASAV-R itself. Once the GASAV-R has been set, let the time expire. If you want your appliance off prior to the GASAV-R finishing its cycle, simply shut off your appliance. Remember, the GASAV-R is NOT intended to replace your on / off switch! 

Always practice the same safety measures you have by turning off your gas supply as well as the appliance after using!


Pipe size: 1/2” NPT – rated 77,000 BTU
Pipe size: 3/8” NPT – rated 73,000 BTU
Maximum inlet pressure: 15 psi
Flow media: gas
Ambient temperature: 0-110 degree F.
Timer accuracy: +/- 15%


Height: 3.13”
Width: 3.10”
Knob diameter: 2.56”

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